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The Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Mobile App Secure

The Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Mobile App Secure

In this day and age, keeping your mobile app secure isn’t a choice. Hackers will exploit any vulnerability in your program in order to steal customer data. As a developer, then, it is up to you to take every step possible in securing your mobile app. Here are some ways you can get started:  Secure… Read more »

The Most Common Bugs for Mobile Applications

A few weeks ago, we discussed some of the most common website bugs that are found with software testing. Now, we’re turning our attention to another type of digital media that’s just as prone to mistakes and bugs: apps. If you’re one of the many businesses, engineers, or entrepreneurs that are trying their hand in… Read more »

Android 10 Has Been Released

Google has officially released Android 10, although the release is starting with Google Pixel devices and will branch out to include other models over the course of the year; historically, carrier uptake can often take a while as well. You can read about the new Android 10 features on their blog, if interested. Android 10… Read more »