The Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Mobile App Secure

In this day and age, keeping your mobile app secure isn’t a choice. Hackers will exploit any vulnerability in your program in order to steal customer data. As a developer, then, it is up to you to take every step possible in securing your mobile app. Here are some ways you can get started: 

Secure your source codeThe Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Mobile App Secure 

Sometimes, bugs and vulnerabilities can be found at the very beginning during the development stage, and this is often where hackers are first able to break into an application. As such, you need to secure your source code on day one, preventing hackers from getting in now and into the future. You can do this by encrypting your application and frequently scanning/testing your code for any bugs or vulnerabilities. You should also design your code so that it’s easy to update whenever you do find any vulnerabilities. 

Only use authorized APIs 

Unauthorized application programming interfaces (APIs) can leave your application and source code vulnerable by unintentionally granting hackers specific privileges. As such, your API should be verified and authorized, and it should only allow access to the most important parts of your app. Doing so will prevent any unauthorized access by outsiders. 


Encryption can be a helpful ally in the fight against hackers, as even if your data is stolen, a hacker won’t be able to know what it means without the encryption key. All data should be encrypted in order to best protect yourself and your users. 

Test, test, and test again 

Securing your app is not a one and done situation. After all, hackers will find new ways to break into your software, meaning you have to update your apps security almost constantly. You can do this by running security tests and other quality assurance tests to consistently find any vulnerabilities (old or new) in your software. 

At Beta Breakers, we can help you secure your mobile application and keep it secure well into the future. To learn more about our services, contact us today either online or by phone at 415-878-2990. 

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