Understanding the Importance of Mobile Device Testing

Understanding the Importance of Mobile Device Testing

Not long ago, desktop computers were most people’s only portals to the Internet. But in the last decade, consumers have gained access to tablets, smartphones and a host of other connected devices that have changed the way we navigate the Internet landscape. As such, the total volume of mobile search traffic has continued to grow.

For many companies, this means putting extra resources into mobile apps and devices, including mobile device testing.

Some companies haven’t caught up

Despite the prevalence of mobile computing in today’s marketplace, many companies are still developing software and web applications with PCs in mind first. By failing to recognize the potential of mobile computing, these companies can wind up inadvertently alienating a large portion of their user base. With this in mind, it’s imperative that software companies take the initiative to make their products usable on both PCs and mobile platforms.

Why use mobile device testing?

Mobile device testing can not only allow companies to tap into a larger share of the software market, but also ensure that they’re able to deliver a highly-polished, versatile product that functions effectively in a variety of different scenarios. When companies rush mobile versions of applications to market without adequate testing, it can make for buggy releases with serious compatibility issues.

At Beta Breakers, our mobile device testing services will ensure that your software applications work well on dozens of iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition to testing for cross-platform compatibility, we’ll also evaluate the user experience of your application to make sure it’s comfortable and easy to use no matter what device your customers choose to access it on.

Want to learn more about mobile device testing or any of the other services we offer at Beta Breakers? Contact us today to speak with a representative!

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