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Top 5 Software Testing Best Practices to Stay Ahead of the Competition

A man do Software Testing

Rigorous software testing is a cornerstone of quality assurance within software development. It involves executing a series of planned exercises to identify and expose any defects or malfunctions within a software program. In fact, it has become a gigantic industry surpassing $45 billion in market size. These numbers suggest a competition that is supposed to… Read more »

Maximizing Success: Integrating Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Development

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Software applications are vital for daily tasks and business operations in today’s fast-paced digital world. Therefore, software testing is crucial to ensure that software products meet standards and user expectations. As a key quality assurance (QA) component, software testing helps detect flaws, reduce risks, and ensure that software delivers desired benefits to users. Systematic software… Read more »

Beta Testing In-House vs. Hiring an Outside Company

Your developers have been coding like crazy. The application is now in beta stage. You acknowledge that it must be tested, but decide that you can use one of your developers or project managers to do the job. Here at Beta Breakers, we wish we had a dime for every time a prospective customer told… Read more »

4 of the Most Common Website Bugs

The Most Common Software Bugs

The software development process can be long and tedious, and you are bound to make mistakes. That’s why many developers use software testing to check for and correct those mistakes. However, if you don’t use software testing, these mistakes won’t be caught, and your end product will have bugs that will hurt user experience. Here… Read more »