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Google Touts Promising Improvements to Android Security

Android Security

With more than two billion devices running countless different versions of Android, Google’s open source mobile operating system has been no stranger to troubling security issues in the past. Version fragmentation has made it hard for Google’s engineers to deploy patches in a timely fashion, and even stock third-party software can leave some devices vulnerable… Read more »

Best Practices for Ensuring App Quality Assurance in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

App Assurance in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

App quality assurance is essential for an app’s market success, ensuring a uniform and flawless user experience across all platforms. Cross-platform app development has become increasingly popular due to its ability to reach a wider audience than native mobile app development. However, this more recent approach has unique challenges that developers must overcome to ensure… Read more »

The Power of Beta Testing Services_ Enhancing Product Quality and User Experience

Beta Testing Services

Software quality has never been more critical, especially with nearly everything in the world revolving around mobile devices and applications. The users expect an uninterrupted experience, and their performance expectations are always sky-high.  A professional beta testing company is always armed with all the necessary equipment and expertise to increase your overall distribution of goods,… Read more »