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Creativity Is One of the Most Important Elements of Testing Game Software

Generally speaking, software testing is never really considered a static and strict discipline. Quality assurance engineers are encouraged to think outside the typical user flow in order to identify issues. In the world of game software quality assurance, this is doubly true. Typically, game software will have a lot of moving parts to it –… Read more »

Microsoft Edge Preview

We’ve been spending some time looking at the developer preview of Edge 76, based on the Chromium engine. While the new Edge doesn’t have a release date yet, it will supplant the current version of the browser at some point in the likely near future. Based on what we are seeing, the Edge preview is… Read more »

BitLocker Encryption/Decryption Times

This is a bit of an odd topic, but it is something that has come up in our labs from time to time. We are sometimes called upon to test applications that support BitLocker encryption in Windows, and this inevitably comes with very long periods of watching an encryption (or decryption) progress bar as BitLocker… Read more »