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How to Increase ROI with Quality Assurance Testing

ROI with Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance testing is all about providing the best product possible. But, how do you know if the money you spent on all that QA testing was worth it? ROI, or return-on-investment, is a concrete way to see if quality assurance testing was worth it in the end. Here, we explain how you can increase… Read more »

How to Turn Your Website into a Website That Converts

Checking Website on the Laptop

We all want to create a website where people will stick around for as long as possible. Unfortunately, too few websites fit that description. Let’s take your website, for instance. You put a lot of time, money, and energy into building your website. Yet visitors barely seem to stay for a few seconds before bouncing… Read more »

Verification vs. Validation in Quality Assurance Testing

Man Checking on Laptop

When you have your app or website tested for quality assurance, you may have heard your testers toss around words like verification and validation. But what do they mean by these terms? And what is the difference? Here, we break it down for you: Verification – An Objective Process Verification is an objective process. In… Read more »