4 of the Most Common Website Bugs

The software development process can be long and tedious, and you are bound to make mistakes. That’s why many developers use software testing to check for and correct those mistakes. However, if you don’t use software testing, these mistakes won’t be caught, and your end product will have bugs that will hurt user experience. Here are just some of the most common software bugs you may encounter without software testing.

Browser incompatibilityThe Most Common Software Bugs

People interact with your website through one of the many browser extensions (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari). However, since each browser is set up differently, a bug may appear in one browser but not the other. That’s why quality assurance testers use compatibility testing to catch bugs that only appear in certain browsers.

Validation fields

If you enter invalid characters into your validation fields, or exceed the maximum length, then errors and bugs can easily crop up. These bugs are extremely common and typically not that severe. Nevertheless, there are a few that can break your software.

Date control

If your site or app requires age restrictions (e.g., dating apps, online alcohol stores), you will use registration forms to authenticate someone’s age. However, those forms are easy to mess up. Why? Because developers often only test for the exact cut-off date, when in reality you have to test for the dates immediately preceding and following the cut-off date.

Crashes caused by button clicks

Have you ever clicked on one button and suddenly the entire app crashes? These hidden time-bombs are extremely common but difficult to weed out by developers. With software testing, though, you’ll be able to spot and correct these bugs far more easily than you would otherwise.

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