Six Must-Have Skills to Look for in Your QA Tester

When you’re choosing a QA testing team, you obviously want them to be skilled in quality assurance testing. However, there are other skills that your QA tester should have in order to ensure your software launches without a hitch. When you sit down to meet your potential QA testers, then, keep an eye out for… Read more »

How to Discover Product Updates That Your Customers Want and Need

No product, no matter how good it is, comes out perfect. It will need improvements due to software changes, technological advancements, customer preferences, and more. Prioritizing which product updates you’ll do first will depend on what your customers want and need. But how do you figure that out in the first place? Here are a… Read more »

The Different Types of Data Breaches

Data breaches are, unfortunately, a part of everyday life. Websites, mobile apps, and other programs are all vulnerable to hackers. However, hackers are not the only reason why data breaches occur. In some cases, internal problems can cause your customers’ private information to be exposed. Here we go through all of the different types of… Read more »