Top 5 Best Practices for Mobile App Testing

When you’re building a mobile app, you want to make sure it has as few bugs as possible upon release. Not only that, but you’ll need to continuously test your product as you release new updates throughout its lifetime. Mobile app testing can help you do just that, but only if done right. Here we… Read more »

Here’s Why Usability Testing Is So Important

No matter who you talk to, almost everyone will agree that having a website or mobile app that is user-friendly and functional is essential to success. And yet, too few people put in the time and effort to accomplish that. They skip over things such as usability testing, believing it’s a time/cost sink. But usability… Read more »

Demystifying Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Assurance Testing

If you’re not in the business of quality assurance testing, or it is your first time seeking a company to help with it, the terms and the tests are likely confusing. We get it! Even if you’re in a related field, you may not know the specifics- and that’s alright! Beta Breakers is here to… Read more »