What to Expect When Hiring a Quality Assurance Company

If it’s your first time hiring a Quality Assurance Company, you may not be entirely sure what to expect, and that’s okay! Developing an app or website is an incredible amount of work, and your QA team is here to make things run smoothly. At Beta Breakers, we are with you each step of the… Read more »

Why Compatibility Testing is Important

The last thing you want is a website that won’t work on certain browsers or an app that won’t properly display on a certain brand of phone. You may think that the above situations are just a “keep your fingers crossed” situation, but there are ways to ensure these things don’t happen. Specialized testing, called Compatibility… Read more »

How to Implement DevOps Into Your Organization

Every organization depends on a culture that fosters collaboration and creativity. DevOps—a portmanteau of “development” and “operations”— can accomplish just that. By removing barriers between software development and operations teams, DevOps can increase efficiency, reliability, response rate, and more. But how do you implement DevOps into your organization? Here are a few ways to get… Read more »