Lab Hardware Update: New iPad 6 and More

It’s been a while since our last update, and we’ve (unsurprisingly) added a few new devices to our testing pool: An iPad 6 (the 2018 release version), currently running iOS 12 Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 8 Samsung Galaxy Note S9 running Android 8 And a OnePlus 6, also running Android 8 It’s interesting to… Read more »

Apple Aims to Stamp Out Bugs With Millions of Beta Testers

In February 2015, Apple announced that it would begin offering public beta tests for future versions of its mobile operating system in response to consumer complaints about widespread quality control issues in iOS 8. When iOS 8.0.1 launched in late 2014, it came with a serious bug that broke the Touch ID feature in iPhones…. Read more »

NYU Researchers Use Decoy Bugs to Bolster Software Security

When cyber criminals try to illicitly gain access to software programs, they typically start by looking for bugs that can be exploited to accept malicious inputs. These vulnerabilities act as hidden back doors that allow hackers to harvest user data, launch denial of service attacks and more. But what if hackers had to wade through… Read more »

Android 9 Pie Arrives With a Host of New Features

Google began rolling out the latest version of its mobile OS on Pixel phones this week, and users are finally getting a taste of Android Pie’s potential. Android Pie offers a number of significant improvements over the last iteration of Android, including new privacy features and adaptive performance optimizations that are powered by Google’s DeepMind… Read more »