Severity vs. Priority in Bug Writing

Random QA trivia time! One question that we sometime get in reference to our bugbase is, “What’s the difference between severity and priority? Aren’t these the same thing?” While the terms can be easily conflated, they actually do have individual meaning: Severity is a measurement of how serious an issue is. While its application does… Read more »

Lab Hardware Update: New Desktop Computers

Desktops aren’t very exciting these days, so we don’t usually write about them when we get (or build) new ones. Still, we do keep refreshing our inventory to remain current with new hardware trends, and our lab inventory is capable of supporting pretty extensive hardware compatibility testing projects, albeit generally consumer-focused ones.   Since December,… Read more »

Automation is More Popular Than Ever

Beta Breakers has been serving the software quality assurance industry for almost 30 years now – making us the longest-tenured software QA service in the world. Over that lengthy period, we have applied our well-honed, black box testing methodologies to some of the most popular software applications and websites ever created. Interestingly, however, the industry… Read more »

Lab Hardware Update: New Android and iOS Phones

It’s been a while since we posted an update, but never fear – we’ve been adding additional mobile devices to our QA lab inventory. Recent acquisitions have brought in a number of new testing devices, including: Apple iPhone XS Apple iPhone XR Samsung Galaxy S10 LG G7 ThinQ Motorola Moto G6 Google Pixel 3 The… Read more »