The Different Methods of Video Game Testing

From mobile games to console games, over 164 million adults in the U.S. are playing some form of video games. With the popularity of video games rising, video game testing has become ever more important to ensure these games are near flawless from launch. But what kinds of quality assurance tests are involved in video… Read more »

What Is an Intuitive Interface?

Part of creating an effective and appealing website or mobile app is the design. Your application’s design should not only function properly, but it should also be intuitive. Also known as intuitive design, an intuitive interface is an essential part of developing a usable, user-friendly website or app. But what does it mean? Here we… Read more »

What is Software Quality Management?

Software Quality Management (SQM) is the management aspects of developing quality software. SQM starts with an idea for a product and then continues on through the design, testing, and launch phases. Generally speaking, SQM can be broken down into three phases: Quality planning, assurance and control. Here we discuss the ins and outs of all… Read more »

What Type of Testing is Selenium Used For?

Supporting a variety of browsers and platforms, Selenium is one of the most popular open-source automation frameworks. It’s an extremely capable platform, but just as with anything, it is best suited for particular types of testing. Read on to learn more: Automated Web App Testing The short answer is that Selenium is used for automated… Read more »