New Mobile Devices

We’ve recently added a handful of devices to our hardware labs; nothing particularly surprising, but still worth mentioning: An iPhone 11 running iOS 13 (this is the base iPhone 11 model) An iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13 (this is the extra-large Pro model) A Samsung Galaxy S9 phone running Android 9.0 (this just… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Compatibility Testing

In this day and age, your software has to perform and adapt to a multitude of platforms. Mac OS, Google Chrome, Windows, Internet Explorer…the list goes on. You not only have to worry about browsers and operating systems, but also updates that lead to various versions performing on various devices. Needless to say, it can… Read more »

Functional Testing vs. Non-Functional Testing

If you create a specific software and it works perfectly the first time, then you’re probably dreaming. All software applications are bound to have a few kinks both now and down the road. That’s why software must be constantly tested and re-tested for errors. There are several types of software testing—automated, accessibility, usability, localization, and… Read more »

Continuous Integration, Delivery, & Deployment: What’s the Difference?

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment are three related, but distinct DevOps strategies. They work towards the same goal—making our software development and release faster and more accurate—but do so in different ways. Continuous integration Continuous integration is where developers integrate code changes into a shared repository multiple times a day. Each integration is… Read more »