508 Compliance: Understanding Section 508

One of the most important criteria that any software or website has to meet is whether or not it is user-friendly. After all, making sure that your customers can properly use every part of your software is simply good business. Yet, there’s an important facet to user-friendliness that many organizations overlook—508 compliance. Here’s everything that… Read more »

New (Old) Hardware Additions

In addition to all of the systems that we routinely test on, our QA labs maintain a large number of what we call “off-matrix” systems. These range from the servers that run our infrastructure, to personal workstations, to systems dedicated long-term to a particular project, which are generally not available for regular project use. Every… Read more »

No More Sweet Android Names

After 9 versions of Android OSs named after sweet foods and candy (Kit Kat, Lollipop, etc.) Google is now naming the releases simply by version number, starting with the release of Android 10. Google has their reasons for doing so, and while it will certainly make our lives easier by not having to remember the… Read more »

Android 10 Has Been Released

Google has officially released Android 10, although the release is starting with Google Pixel devices and will branch out to include other models over the course of the year; historically, carrier uptake can often take a while as well. You can read about the new Android 10 features on their blog, if interested. Android 10… Read more »