How to Choose the Right Software Testing Company

Whether you’re developing a mobile app or a website, you need the right software testing company by your side. Without one, you could be paying more money for lesser service. But with so many software testing companies to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Here we go through the factors you should… Read more »

Why Creativity Is Important for Game Testing

Software testing is hardly ever a static or strict discipline. Quality assurance engineers are encouraged to think outside the typical user flow in order to identify issues. In the world of game software quality assurance, this is especially true. Game systems are complex Game software will have many moving parts to it, no matter the… Read more »

What is DevOps?

First coined by Patrick Debois, DevOps is a portmanteau of “development” and “operations.” It is a practice that has been gaining steam amongst many developers, QA testers, IT workers, and more. But what exactly is DevOps? And how could it benefit your organization? Read on to learn more: What is it? DevOps is not a… Read more »

Website Testing: Everything You Need to Know

When you’re developing a new website, you understand that it has to go through several stages of testing. After all, you want your website to function properly when your customers use it, and the only way to do that is to test it. Website testing not only searches for various bugs and issues that could… Read more »