Testing to Pass vs. Testing to Fail

What is testing to pass? Testing to pass is an approach to QA whereby an application or website is tested in lock-step using specific user-flow instructions.  An example might be: Press button A, then press button B, then press the Submit button. Testing to pass is typically used when an application or a website is either… Read more »

Latest Apple Bug Illustrates Importance of Localization Testing

Last year, after Apple identified a number of troubling security bugs in MacOS, the company announced that it would audit its development process to prevent similar issues from happening in the future. Now however, many of Apple’s devices are being affected by a different type of bug that causes several popular applications such as Twitter,… Read more »

Microsoft Preparing to Get Rid of Passwords in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

In the latest Windows 10 Insider Build (17093), Microsoft appears to be setting up for a future without passwords on your PC. They have been working towards this goal for some time, introducing features such as PIN codes, fingerprint sensors and facial recognition. However, with this latest build, we see them preparing to make it a… Read more »

Google Chrome Launches Built-In Ad Blocker to Help Remove Standards Violators

In the latest update to Google Chrome, the built-in Ad Blocker went live. What does this mean for end users? For website owners? The first thing to note is that this Ad Blocker won’t be similar to the popular extensions many consumers employ. This change will be mostly used to squelch advertisements from sites that… Read more »