The Top 3 Benefits of Automated Testing

Software Testing How can automated testing improve your project? As automated quality assurance services continue to grow, we find that many companies question whether automated testing is right for their products. What are some of the advantages your product can see by making use of these services?

Accurate, consistent, and reusable test scripts

Automation excels at running repeated, standardized tests written to make sure basic functionality is all working as intended. As it is just a machine running test suites, the tests will always be consistent and accurate to the test cases. Manual testers tend to succumb to basic human error from time to time, especially over long, repeated tests of the same material. Creating test suites early in a product’s life cycle will ensure strong test results for the entire development cycle.

Greater volume of tests

With manual testing, stress tests can be costly due to the number of simultaneous resources required. However, with automated testing, you can run many different instances of the same script at the same time, allowing for much more efficient testing of system limits.

Compatible with different environments and devices

With automated testing, the same test script is used on all tests. This ensures that when you run your test across different devices and environments, the exact same test parameters are used each time, providing more consistent results.

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