How Does Beta Breakers Acquire Such Great Software Testers?

The backbone of any good software testing company is its testers. These are the professionals who are “in the trenches” so to speak and are tasked with the pressure-filled job of finding bugs in software and communicating them clearly to the development team. They must not just understand but internalize the necessity for thoroughly exercising the functionality of any application or website. They must uncover all of the application’s defects and report them before the product is launched. This task can be somewhat daunting especially when the product is high profile and the launch of the application highly anticipated.

So how is Beta Breakers able to consistently form teams of expert quality assurance engineers? We do not outsource nor do we hire temporary help. All of our services are performed by our own trained employees. How do they become so good at their craft? First, we are very selective in whom we hire, not only with regards to past QA experience, but also with regards to the tester’s mindset and approach to software testing. In the first several days of employment, a newly hired Beta Breakers tester is given a detailed tour of the labs and is provided access to extensive resources regarding how the software industry works and the best practices associated with software testing. That way, they are first taught tried and true software QA methodologies from relevant outside sources. After that, they are taught how to apply this knowledge in the Beta Breakers lab environment.

Once orientation and education have been completed, our new Beta Breakers tester is assigned to a tenured mentor. The mentor and new employee are then assigned to a project and the mentor closely monitors the tester’s performance. The pair continues to work together on projects until the mentor is satisfied that the new employee is capable of working independently. At that stage, he/she is free to be assigned to projects on his/her own.

But our testers’ training really does not stop there. Given that they are regularly exposed to countless software testing projects of different genres and levels of complexity, our testers are always learning new ways of testing. As their quality assurance skills are honed, their “sixth sense” for discovering defects improves. In almost no time, our testers develop into the QA experts we depend on to satisfy the demands of our customers.

Written by Beta Breakers

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