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iOS 12 Is Released

Apple has released iOS 12 to the general public as of Monday, September 17 and we have been hard at work updating a number of our mobile lab devices to the new operating system.  As OS upgrades go, this one has been fast and easy to both acquire over the air and to install –… Read more »

The New Windows 10 Spring Update is Live

After being delayed by a bug that caused an uptick in Blue Screen of Death crashes, Microsoft has finally released its Windows 10 April 2018 update (formerly known as the Spring Creators Update) to the general public. Users won’t get the automatic update until May 8, but they can manually update their machines today. This… Read more »

IBM Files Patent for Blockchain-Based App Testing System

The encrypted peer-to-peer data management technology that has facilitated the growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may soon power IBM’s application testing program as well. On Tuesday April 3, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the company’s patent application which outlines “a blockchain test configuration” designed to “provide a simple and secure infrastructure for testing… Read more »