Google Chrome Launches Built-In Ad Blocker to Help Remove Standards Violators

Ad BlockerIn the latest update to Google Chrome, the built-in Ad Blocker went live. What does this mean for end users? For website owners? The first thing to note is that this Ad Blocker won’t be similar to the popular extensions many consumers employ. This change will be mostly used to squelch advertisements from sites that repeatedly violate the standards created by the Coalition for Better Ads.

What kind of ads can we expect to see disappear from our browsing experience?

Full-page ads, ads that auto play with sound and/or video, and flashing ads will be prominent targets of the ad-filtering feature. Not only that, but site owners will be given a warning that they are employing such ads. They will have an opportunity to correct the problem before the block is in place, at which point the site will be re-reviewed.

It is always a good idea to be aware of the types of ads your site serves up to the public.

Invasive ads can add to a poor user experience which can ultimately turn traffic away from your site. Google’s new feature not only helps to create a better experience for users of the popular Chrome browser, but also helps to inform site owners when they are employing these types of problematic ads.

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