How Often Should You Update Your App?

If you’ve recently released a new mobile application onto the App Store or Google Play, you will know that eventually you’ll have to update your app. After all, market conditions, customer feedback, and new ideas will force you to make changes.  But you can’t make these changes all at once. Instead, they will have to be spread out over time.

But how long should you wait between updates? Here we provide you with the answers:How Often Should You Update Your App?

The short answer: update at least once per month

The answer to how often you should update your app is complicated, but the short answer is that you should be updating it at least once a month. If you wait longer than that, your app could feel stale and old, forcing customers to switch to something else. Conversely, if you update your app too frequently, it could annoy users and, again, force them to switch to another app.

The long answer

Updating your app at least once per month is a good general rule to follow, but it’s not one you should stick to no matter what. Simply put, how often you update your app will depend on the circumstances. There are typically a few reasons why you will have to update your app:

  • Bugs
  • Customer feedback
  • User experience
  • Market conditions
  • New ideas from you/your team

As such, the reason for why you’re updating will determine how often you update. If the reason is a bug, then you don’t want to wait another month to fix it. However, if you want to implement a new feature that your team recently thought of, then you can take your time with it.

While updating your app can be quite beneficial to the overall success of your product, you want to make sure that these updates roll out smoothly and don’t hurt the overall usability of your app. At Beta Breakers, we can help. Our quality assurance testing can ensure that your updates will improve your app, not hurt it. Contact us today to learn more.

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