Microsoft Preparing to Get Rid of Passwords in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Windows 10In the latest Windows 10 Insider Build (17093), Microsoft appears to be setting up for a future without passwords on your PC. They have been working towards this goal for some time, introducing features such as PIN codes, fingerprint sensors and facial recognition. However, with this latest build, we see them preparing to make it a reality.

With last year’s Fall Update, the company added new ways to log into your Windows 10 S PC using a PIN, or using Windows Hello to detect your face or fingerprint. However, setting up those features still required the use of a password. With the introduction of the Microsoft Authenticator App, the need for those passwords will finally be gone.

The Authenticator App produces an 8-digit code every minute that is uniquely keyed to your phone, much like similar apps such as the Google Authenticator App. This new feature will replace your password, which will enable you to have a completely password-free Windows 10 experience.

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