3 Things Testing Labs Need for QA Testing

Many types of QA testing are performed by a single tester working on a single computer. However, you can’t find all of the potential bugs if you work only on a single system. In that regard, you need a well-equipped testing lab to account for as many variables as possible.

Here we discuss what testing labs need in order to provide the most effective quality assurance testing.3 Things Testing Labs Need for QA Testing

Testing labs need the latest software

For accurate testing results, the test lab should have access to popular software and hardware. For example, when testing a website, the lab should have past operating systems, browsers, plug-ins, and security suites available. When testing a video game, meanwhile, the lab requires a range of processor families and speeds, video card models, levels of RAM, and other hardware components.

A testing lab should adapt to the times

A good test lab is also dynamic and responsive. As new software versions, devices, models, and more are introduced, the lab must incorporate those additions as soon as possible. In other words, you must update a testing lab so that it remains representative of the real world.

It also needs the proper infrastructure

In addition to providing the actual systems on which testing is to take place, the test lab must also provide the infrastructure needed by the test effort. This involves adequate floor space, high-throughput data lines, wireless access, data plans, and plenty of electrical power. Testers should also provide a lab with plenty of accessories such as mice, keyboards, monitors, headphones, webcams, Ethernet cables, power cords, SD cards, charging cables, and so forth.

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