The Top 3 Best Practices for Testing Payment Gateways

With online retail booming, it has become more important than ever before to improve your business’ online shopping experience. A critical part of this is the payment gateway—or the technology your website uses to accept debit or credit cards. If your payment gateway is not functioning as it should, then your customers will be unable to buy your products.

Here we discuss the top three best practices for testing payment gateways to ensure their functionality.woman making online payment on her phone

Use automated and manual testing

When it comes to quality assurance testing, you want to cover all your bases. While automated testing is quick and simple to use, it will only catch so much. You will need actual people performing manual tests in order to catch certain bugs and problems. For example, an automated test can help test variables such as location identifiers or postage calculation. A manual test, meanwhile, can check that your payment process offers a great user experience.

Use a scalable testing platform

A scalable testing platform can offer flexibility to help your testing team adjust testing cycles to fit your needs. When it comes to payment gateways, your team will need to develop various scenarios and then run through each to ensure transactions are performed correctly. Some of these test cycles may be larger, while others smaller. With a scalable testing platform, your team can adjust to each individual test cycle.

Perform integration test cases

Payment gateways must establish a proper connection between a merchant, a financial institution, a vendor (you), and the device the merchant is using. As such, you’ll need to perform various integration test cases with each new integration. For example, if you’re adding Apple Pay, you’ll need to perform a new integration test to ensure its functionality. The same goes for if you offer new shipping options or currency.

Here at Beta Breakers, we can help you test your payment gateway to ensure its functionality. Contact us today to learn more!

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