Selenium Automation Testing

As a business with decades of experience in software quality assurance, Beta Breakers provides professional Selenium testing services to deliver a wide range of software solutions.

If you would like to implement Selenium automation testing into the functionality of your website, web application, or unique software product, our team of experts can guarantee an efficient and effective experience for all our clients.  

What is Selenium Automation?

One of the most popular ways to ensure ongoing software quality, Selenium testing is an effective tool used by engineers around the world. As an automation testing platform, Selenium tools can be integrated into most web applications to establish a system of quality assurance tests that will run perpetually for ongoing success.

Selenium testing is implemented using a free open-source tool (named Selenium), which has a huge base of users and a large community of supporters. It is one of the most adaptable and intelligent automated testing tools available today, with seamless integration into applications written in C#, Ruby, Python, Java, Pearl, and more.

By and large, the most important aspect of the value of Selenium testing is its ability to ensure that a website or web-based app is always up and running at its full potential. By automating software testing, Selenium eliminates the need for ongoing human-performed tests that take time to implement, run, and analyze.

Our Selenium Automation Testing Services

All controlled from a private server remotely implementing custom test scripts, our Selenium automation services are designed to be as simple and noninvasive as possible for our customers. Essentially, the only way we will impact your product with our Selenium automation services is by identifying weak points and finding ways to improve your code.

As Selenium itself is actually a set of various tools that serve a variety of purposes, our engineers will identify the best course of action to take for optimal ongoing testing. We use every up-to-date Selenium platform necessary such as WebDriver, Grid, and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to add both functional and regression testing solutions for results both now and for the future of your web application’s lifespan.

The Impact of Selenium Testing

Taking a detailed and expansive look at your web application from every possible angle, Selenium testing can be utilized to unlock a number of great improvements. Analyzing each piece of code for total validation, Selenium tests can identify any minor or major bugs that would improve the user experience of your product with speed, efficiency, and security. 

With Selenium testing implemented sooner, rather than later, web application owners can essentially build an insurance policy in the event that future improvements do not cause any unwanted harm to your existing product. By working with an experienced company like Beta Breakers, you can take out all the guesswork from your Selenium automation testing efforts.

Industries that Benefit from Selenium Testing

With such a wide range of industries that we serve, it is hard to imagine a business that could not benefit from Selenium testing in some way, shape, or form. Whether your organization has a mobile app, complex website, or any other type of software platform program, a round of Selenium testing can be effective to ensure that your product is responsive, working correctly, and fully functional.

As we are constantly interested to hear unique business ideas, our door is always open for new clients, and the majority of our work is driven by referrals from previous customers. Some, but not all of the industries we have served to date include e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, finance, education, and marketing.

What it’s like to work with Beta Breakers

With results guaranteed on every project we undertake, Beta Breakers has been priding itself on high-quality lab and application testing for over 30 years. Our small team of dedicated engineering and customer service professionals always do everything it takes to find, identify, and solve any existing or future issues with our clients’ websites, software, and mobile apps. 

When you work with Beta Breakers, you are guaranteed to be working with the best. This is thanks to the fact that we do not outsource any of our Selenium automation testing or software quality assurance services. We pride ourselves on a long history of happy customers, with a reputation and words of recommendation that speak for themselves.

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