software testing quality assurance Silicon ValleyWhen developing cutting-edge software, new apps or new websites, the number one most important thing is that it works. If your product hits the market and doesn’t meet users’ needs—or worse, it has bugs—your golden introductory period and word-of-mouth advertising is lost. Beta Breakers provides software testing and quality assurance in Silicon Valley to test every aspect of your app, software or website, and make sure it is ready to be released.

Comprehensive testing allows experienced technicians to find any remaining bugs and stop them before real customers see them. Bugs, crashes, formatting problems and a variety of other errors can come from many different areas of the program or website. This may result from translational errors between operating systems, mobile devices, or even between languages. There may also be errors your programmers simply didn’t see. After working for many hours on the application or website, it is easy to overlook some problems simply by being “too close” to the product. Beta Breakers looks at the app, software or website with fresh eyes and runs a series of testing procedures including functionality testing, compatibility testing, mobile device testing and many more.

Make sure the introduction of your new product goes smoothly. Call Beta Breakers today to get a quote for software testing and quality assurance in Silicon Valley. All services performed in the United States.