3 Reasons Why the Healthcare Industry Needs QA Testing

In order to properly treat patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals must have digital software that they can rely on. With quality assurance (QA) testing, a hospital or medical office can be sure that the software they’re using is bug-free and up to date. Here some more reasons why QA testing is so important for the healthcare industry:

Enhanced security3 Reasons Why the Healthcare Industry Needs QA Testing

Hospitals, medical offices, and other sectors of the healthcare industry deal with extremely sensitive patient information. It is their responsibility, then, to protect that information from potential hackers. With QA testing, you can find any gaps in your software’s security and fix them before a site or application goes live.

Usability testing

In a highly stressful environment, you need everything to be as efficient as possible. That includes your software. Usability testing can check to see if an application is easy to use and provides an excellent user experience. Moreover, when it comes to the medical industry, chances are that someone with disabilities will be trying to use your software. Usability testing can check for 508 compliance to make sure that your software can be used by everyone.

Big data testing

The healthcare industry is a data-rich industry, handling thousands of patients’ data every single day. As such, doctors and nurses need a way to sort through this information to provide patients with the best care possible. Big data testing can discover ways to store and organize this information properly in order to help healthcare professionals develop the right strategies for curing diseases, researching treatments, and more.

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