How Do You Know When Your Website or App Is Ready to Go Live?

launching your websiteOne of the biggest mistakes a company can make is launching their product, whether it is a new website or an app, before it is ready. These projects take time, careful planning and plenty of testing to succeed. And the chances of success greatly diminish if you launch before you are really ready. So how do you know when you are ready to go live?


Before you can even think about going live, you need to have all your research done. Learn as much as you possibly can about your demographic and make a plan as to how you will market your website or app to them. During your research, you should also take some time to check out your competition. What are they doing right? What can you do to stand out from the rest? Once your research is complete and a development plan is in place, you will be one step closer to reaching your goal.


One of the most important things to review before going live is your content. Check, double check and triple check for spelling and grammar errors, and have a few different sets of eyes go over everything before it’s time to launch. Appealing images and interesting, easy-to-read text is a must if you want to succeed on the Internet.


Once you have all the components of your website or app in place, you may think it’s time to launch; but not just yet! Before you go live, it’s important to test your product thoroughly to ensure that your customers will have a positive user experience. There are few different tests to be performed, including functionality testing, compatibility testing, and usability testing.

Before your website or app goes live, review this checklist and have quality assurance testing performed. Get started right away with Beta Breakers to ensure that your site is fully functional before you go live. Our experienced quality assurance team can perform all the tests necessary to help you present a product that runs well under any and all circumstances.

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