Quality Assurance vs. Quality Engineering: What’s the Difference?

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Engineering: What’s the Difference?

As technology continues to advance, we find new ways to improve our products and software. Quality assurance has always been at the forefront of software engineering, but quality engineering has also taken a vital role in recent years.

But what’s the difference between these two concepts? Read on to learn more:

What is quality assurance?

In the software testing industry, quality assurance ensures that your product is high-quality and effective for your customers to use. Put another way, if you’re developing an app or a website, quality assurance checks such things as the functionality, reliability, and design of your product.

What is quality engineering?

Quality engineering also focuses on the overall quality of your product. It applies a series of strict quality tests as you move through each phase of product development. QE focuses on anything that impacts your product’s quality, including the design, development, and manufacturing processes.

What’s the difference between QA and QE?

While both QA and QE aim to improve your product’s quality, the main difference between the two lies in when software engineers step in to make their improvements. With quality assurance, testers come in after a product is finished, but before it’s released to the market. Meanwhile, QE is deployed in every phase of product development by various individuals.

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