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Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Beta Testers

Once upon a time, companies spent months and, in some cases even years refining software and resolving bugs before sending a finished product out to their customers. They wanted to make sure that everything was just right prior to the software launch, since any lingering bugs could damage their reputation among customers and prevent their… Read more »

Difference Between Professional Beta Testing and Public Beta Testing

There is a distinct difference between professional beta testing and conducting a public beta test. Knowing the difference between the two should be important as you decide what type of quality assurance you need to perfect your products. Public Beta Test Whether developing a complex enterprise business application or a simple website or app, many… Read more »

IT Security Certification

Over the last several years, we’ve had a number of high-profile clients who required a security audit of Beta Breakers’ physical and digital security before they would engage in business with us.  Each time, we were able to satisfy their security requirements, but not without a certain amount of pain and effort.    Wouldn’t it be… Read more »

How Quality Assurance Can Increase Your ROI

Think back to your school days. There were two kinds of students. Some studied weeks before a test and made sure they knew and understood the material so that test time worked out well for them and they got their A grade. Then there were those who spent the night before the test trying to… Read more »