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Software Survival in 2024: Understanding 2023 Project Failure Statistics and the Role of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

2023 has experienced an impressive surge in the software sector, fueled by cutting-edge technology and a continuously growing market demand. However, this surge brings along a new level of intricacy in software projects, presenting a formidable challenge for organizations and developers alike as they endeavor to stay ahead of the game.   Software Quality Assurance… Read more »

Automation is More Popular Than Ever

Beta Breakers has been serving the software quality assurance industry for almost 30 years now – making us the longest-tenured software QA service in the world. Over that lengthy period, we have applied our well-honed, black box testing methodologies to some of the most popular software applications and websites ever created. Interestingly, however, the industry… Read more »

Software Testing – Is It Art or Science?

Over the years, I’ve been exposed to arguments claiming that software testing is a science, as well as arguments that claim software testing is an art. Let’s look at the arguments for each side, and try to figure which side is correct.  The Argument for Science  There is definitely a structured, scientific process of evaluation… Read more »

What is Ad Hoc QA?

The misconception in software testing is that ad hoc QA basically involves a tester randomly clicking around a website or application in the hopes of finding a defect. This could not be further from the truth. Ad hoc testing may be the flip-side to pure test case driven QA but it is just as important… Read more »