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Importance of Online Shopping Experience

If you’re a business that sells products online, you’ve hopefully spent a lot of time navigating your website, experimenting with text and images, and going through the checkout process. If you haven’t and you’ve noticed a low percentage of sales, it’s likely because the online shopping experience on your website is poor and customers are… Read more »

Your Website is Your Window to the World

Once upon a time, companies reached their customers by taking out a display ad in the yellow pages. The ad told a short story about goods and/or services, and provided a telephone number to call. The ads typically cost around $400/month – more if the ad was larger. If the target market was national, companies… Read more »

What is Ad Hoc QA?

The misconception in software testing is that ad hoc QA basically involves a tester randomly clicking around a website or application in the hopes of finding a defect. This could not be further from the truth. Ad hoc testing may be the flip-side to pure test case driven QA but it is just as important… Read more »