Is Virtual Reality a Passing Fad?

Virtual reality is the latest tech fad to sweep the industry: most everyone has at least heard of how immersive an experience it can be.


However, at a fairly steep price for entry, is this something that will ever gain lasting traction with consumers?

And is it something that should be considered for compatibility with your apps?

While this technology currently seems to lend itself more to video gaming, it is only a matter of time before the hardware starts to drop in price and thereby becomes more accessible to a wider market.

As the technology penetrates the market more, we think that you will start to see more creative and interesting entertainment experiences.

This snowball effect could help to really push the technology even further, opening the door for more and more content creators to give virtual reality a serious consideration when they are designing their software.

Do you think virtual reality will ever gain traction in mainstream entertainment?

Written by Beta Breakers

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