What is Software Quality Assurance?

Sometimes, we here at Beta Breakers must help people understand just what it is we do.  Many businesses and individuals who have computer programs or “apps” created for them don’t understand how they work beyond the general user experience. Because some of our clients come to us without a real understanding of what we offer, and because we believe they deserve to know, here’s a simple explanation of software quality assurance.

Software Quality Assurance, or SQA as it’s known for short, is a term that encompasses all of the methodologies and protocols required to test software, uncover defects, and track them in a comprehensive manner so as to enable developers a clear path to improving software products.  SQA is not meant to be a brief step at the end of a project; rather, SQA works best when it is implemented throughout the course of development. For this reason, cooperation is critical throughout the process, and anyone involved with the project needs to be able to work well with everyone else.

SQA is not an exact protocol with uniform steps to follow for every project. These days, there are many different platforms for software creation, and even more platforms on which the software will eventually be run by the end user. Because of this diversity, there is no “how to” that can be taught to a robotic assembly line of testers. Instead, general testing methodologies must be employed throughout the process. There are industry standards for software quality, including ISO 9000 and capability maturity model integration (CMMI).

By working with developers, good software quality assurance can streamline the process and potentially save a great deal of money. Catching issues at the earliest stage possible ensures that time isn’t wasted further in the development, or even after the software is completed and on the market.

For more information on what Software Quality Assurance is and how it is critical to the development process, visit the Beta Breakers website for more information today.

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