3 Reasons Why You Still Need Manual Testing

Automated testing is fast and efficient, providing a cost-effective way to test your website or mobile app. While automated testing is extremely useful, it causes some people to believe that they can get away with only performing automated testing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Manual testing is an essential QA testing method that can find errors that automated testing overlooks.

Humans are using your product, so humans should test it3 Reasons Why You Still Need Manual Testing

While computers have become incredibly intelligent over the past few decades, they are no replacement for human intuition. If humans are going to be using your app or your website, then you’ll need a human to test it out first. Usability and user experience can only be effectively tested if you have a human interacting with your product to determine how user-friendly it actually is.

Some kinds of testing can only be done by a human

Not all types of testing can be performed by a computer. Exploratory testing and ad hoc testing, for instance, require a human being on the other end to perform them. This again goes back to usability and user-experience. Exploratory testing and ad hoc testing are a form of grassroots testing that replicate how an ordinary user may use your product. A computer cannot replicate this—only a human can.

Automated testing isn’t perfect

Automated testing may be faster and more efficient than manual testing, but it’s not perfect. Just as with anything, automated testing can result in errors, false-positives, or false-negatives. Backing it up with manual testing is a good way to ensure that all your bases are covered.

At Beta Breakers, we offer both manual testing and automated testing. To learn more about our QA testing services, contact us today.

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