Apple’s App Store Changes

In a marketplace flooded with apps, even computer giants like Apple cannot afford to ignore one of the App Store Changesbiggest indicators of an app’s success: user experience.

Recently, the Apple Store underwent a serious redesign, based largely around the results of continuous user testing.

Apple utilized user testing to assess the needs of the user, and put more power in their hands, while simultaneously increasing revenue for developers and subscriber retention.

One change to the Apple store is the automatic subscription renewal policy.

  • In the past, users who signed up for a subscription app would be automatically renewed unless they actively opted out. Now, users have the power to opt in to their desired subscriptions, putting the power back in the hands of the app user and provoking more ownership over the content they consume.
  • Additionally, Jennifer Winter of writes that, “whereas apps used to receive 70% of all subscription revenue, they can now take in as much as 85% of user subscription revenue from the second year onward.” App developers have renewed incentive to develop products that the customer actually wants to use and use more than once.

Furthermore, Apple has changed its advertising policy to give users a more streamlined ad experience.

These changes will increase ad revenue to the site, making the marketplace more competitive and incentivizing developers to create a superior product.

Finally, Apple has changed the way they handle app submissions to the app store.

  • In the past, developers might have to wait up to a week for Apple to approve their submission, and would spend time and money anticipating changes that might need to be made.
  • Now, Apple will respond to submissions within days, and app submissions can be sent in increments, allowing developers to make small changes as they go, streamlining the overall submission process.

Knowledge is power, and the more app developers understand the needs and wants of their users, the better they can serve the customer to create an outstanding user experience.

App developers should take heed; if they want to create a standout product that generates revenue, engenders loyalty among users, and is user-friendly, then continuous user testing is the way to go.

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