Backups 2.0

backing up computer to external hard driveAfter reading our previous backup blog post, you should now have your house in order. Your iPhone and iPad have backups to iTunes, and your files are scheduled for daily backups to an external USB hard drive.

So, what happens if there is a fire or flood or some other disaster?

It’s a good idea to have a second backup. It’s up to you on where and how often you update it, because you will be the one that has to live with it in case of an accident. Choose a solution that you are comfortable with and that you will actually use, whether it be using the Cloud, alternating hard disks and storing them in a Fire-resistant safe (with at least one hour of protection for digital documents), or something else.

Keeping an extra backup will ensure that your photos and important information make it through anything that life throws at you, which is why we at Beta Breakers recommend taking the extra time to create a backup solution that works for you and your lifestyle.

Written by Beta Breakers

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