Beta Testing Location Technology

As technology progresses, it has become more able to identify our location using different applications.Beta Testing Location Technology

Between the GPS navigation, geotags on Instagram, snapchat filters, and location tags on different status updates, our phone typically knows right where we are.

On some mobile devices, you are able to share your location with contacts of your choice. For instance, you might require your children to share their location with you if they walk to a friend’s house. However, there are a variety of mobile applications that can also help you share your location with loved ones.

The “WhatsApp” for Android will allow friends to share current locations, instant message, send pictures, share videos, and so forth.

You can even edit messages after you’ve sent them, using this application. This app has been beta tested before and is currently being beta tested again before it releases more new features to the general public.

WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook several years ago, and Facebook is directly involved with the majority of features now on the application.

Currently, Facebook is beta testing live location tracking within WhatsApp messaging.

People that use the app will hopefully be able to turn on their live location so other contacts can see it for a few short meetings. The hope is that this feature will make it easier for friends to connect, allowing them to find each other quickly and makes plans when they are in close proximity to one another.

In order to experience the beta version of this application, you have to sign up.

To join, you must do so through Google Play which offers an in-built beta testing process, making it easy to join beta testing groups for Android apps.

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