The Disturbing Trend of a Lack of Women in the Computer Science Industry

Every so often, it is interesting to look at trends in your industry as a whole.  For us, that means examining the inner workings of computer science and examining trends both good and bad. Lately, there has been an unfavorable development regarding tech communities: women just aren’t a part of it anymore. Well, we mean… Read more »

Things That Go Wrong With Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are ubiquitous these days, but not all of them work perfectly. What can go wrong with mobile apps? Plenty. Users want to be able to use apps without any issues, but if an app isn’t properly tested before it’s released to the public, and the app doesn’t do what it’s intended to do,… Read more »

What Makes Great Software?

In the technology and information age, companies across the country are battling each other to get the newest and most innovative software to the market. But what separates successful software from the rest of the pack? Generally speaking, successful software is the kind that’s reliable and easy-to-use. Furthermore, great software offers features people need and… Read more »

Browser Statistics

Browser Statistics As a departure from our usual blog topics of software testing concerns and methodology, let’s talk a little bit about where we get some of the statistics that we use in our work. One of the more common topics that comes up in our labs when scoping out website testing is, “What browsers… Read more »