The Importance of Having Your Software Function in Multiple Languages

Think of how frustrating it is when you order something online, only to receive it in the mail and find out that you can’t read the instructions needed put the project together. Being unable to use an app, website or computer program because of a language barrier is just as frustrating. Depending on the nature… Read more »

IT Security Certification

Over the last several years, we’ve had a number of high-profile clients who required a security audit of Beta Breakers’ physical and digital security before they would engage in business with us.  Each time, we were able to satisfy their security requirements, but not without a certain amount of pain and effort.    Wouldn’t it be… Read more »

Roles vs Goals: A Note on Expectations in QA

Software development is a dynamic and constantly evolving field and, as a result, it has a lot of moving parts and targets. This can sometimes result in ambiguity and confusion as to what the expectations are for those involved. That being the case, a little clarification can go a long way, especially as it pertains… Read more »

How Do You Know When Your Website or App Is Ready to Go Live?

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is launching their product, whether it is a new website or an app, before it is ready. These projects take time, careful planning and plenty of testing to succeed. And the chances of success greatly diminish if you launch before you are really ready. So how… Read more »