The Top 3 Reasons Why QA Testing Is So Important

Considering how much time people spend on the internet, it’s more important now than ever before that our websites and apps function properly. If they don’t, you could risk losing both current and future customers. That’s where quality assurance (QA) testing comes in. By making your software run as smoothly as possible, QA testing helps you to deliver the best possible product that you can.

QA testing improves user experienceThe Top 3 Reasons Why QA Testing Is So Important

User experience defines the overall experience a user has with your software, good or bad. This can include a multitude of different features, ranging from your graphical user interface to your syntax. User experience can directly impact how you attract and retain customers, as a difficult or subpar product will only drive people away. QA testing, however, checks such things as usability and accessibility to make sure that all users have a good experience with your software. 

It saves money

QA testing is extremely cost-effective. Testing your software can pinpoint any bugs or other errors that you didn’t spot in the development process. These bugs can be much costlier to fix later, once the software has been rolled out to the public, rather than before, when you have more time and resources to fix it. Not only that, but if your website or app are not functioning properly, then your customers won’t be able to use it, thus costing you potential sales.

QA prevents problems down the road

Even if your website or app is up and running, chances are you’ll want to make changes down the road. Whether the changes are big or small, you need to use quality assurance testing to check for any bugs. Even the smallest change could make a huge impact on how your software runs. With QA testing, you can automatically test code changes before rolling them out, preventing problems later on.

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  • Henry Killingsworth

    I thought it was interesting when you explained that quality assurance helps to make sure things are in a usable condition. If I was creating a product, I would want to work with a consulting company to help me avoid errors and mistakes in the manufacturing process. That way I could know I am delivering a product that is in a condition that is as good as possible.

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