What is the Environment Like in a Testing Lab?

software testing labNew software can be incredibly tricky to get right. With millions of lines of code, a variety of user interfaces and the challenge of running on a range of machines and devices, there is a lot that can go wrong with a new software program, even for experienced programmers.

That’s one reason so many software providers come to Beta Breakers to run software quality assurance tests. If you are new to software quality assurance, here are the key things you need to know.

What Does a Testing Lab Do?

Software quality assurance tests look at all the different aspects of the software and try to use the programs as if they were a user. They compare what the software does to what is intended and report any inconsistencies. The software developer can take this information and use it to make further refinements and patches before releasing the software to market.

Why Is Testing Needed?

Software is complicated. A single mistake among thousands of lines of code can cause lots of unintended problems and, simply put, mistakes are easy to make. By testing the software’s functionality before rolling it out on a large scale, companies can find the mistakes before the program goes to consumers, increasing customer satisfaction with the product.

Who Are the Testers?

The testers conducting the program review have thorough experience testing different aspects of programs.  They exercise the program’s functionality and document commonly made errors and inconsistencies that occur in programs. They typically test on replicas of production and have 100 percent access, meaning that they don’t need to wait on system administrators to grant requests for any access or setting changes to replicate or troubleshoot detected issues.

Where Is Testing Performed?

Testing can be performed in a remote lab environment or on the client’s premises. Many tests can even be performed virtually, depending on the customer and the situation. Modern technology allows the software to be tested anywhere in most circumstances, so there are no physical limitations to these types of tests. The most important aspect of testing is that the work is performed on an environment that is as close as possible to real-world.

When Is Testing Performed?

These types of test can happen every time software is ready for the next stage of its development. For a developer using the agile method, deliverables typically come at a frequent pace.  Testing cycles are therefore constant and regular.

Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs tests software for all types of organizations, and has worked with large names in the industry like Cisco, Oracle and Twitter. If you have new software that you’re developing and you’d like third-party testing and quality assurance examination, reach out to Beta Breakers by phone at 415-878-2990.

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