Fast Food Binges on Beta Testing

Fast Food Binges on Beta TestingMcDonald’s is the latest company to utilize the advantages of beta testing to create new features and offerings for its customers.

The fast food chain is testing out mobile ordering in select cities to allow customers to order ahead and pick up their food using their order number at their chosen location.

McDonald’s began beta testing mobile ordering this month in select California and Washington cities.

  • Customers are able to choose how they would like to pick up their order, from going to the drive-thru window, walking into the restaurant, or pulling up to the curb.
  • To ensure freshness, geolocation technology is used to notify the restaurant when the customer is a certain distance from the location.

The company eventually plans to roll out these features to an additional 14,000 locations this year and eventually, as many locations as possible.

The hopes are that mobile ordering will not only be an added convenience for customers but will also help to make operations more efficient.

McDonald’s is not the first fast food restaurant to start offering mobile ordering, and as more and more restaurants jump on the trend, it won’t be the last. Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks have been offering this feature for quite some time.

Many different industries, from restaurants to phone providers, are now utilizing beta testing as an important part of their business strategy in order to satisfy customers and perfect products.

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