How to Achieve Continuous Quality for Your App

No app is perfect on launch. Even if there are no bugs, there is always room for improvement. Speed, efficiency, and new, in-demand features are just some of the improvements you will have to make as more people use your product. This can be done through continuous quality improvements.  

Continuous quality refers to the steps that you take to regularly and continuously improve your application, and it can be achieved in the following ways: How to Achieve Continuous Quality for Your App

Test continuously 

Quality assurance testing doesn’t stop at launch. You should be testing your product continuously to find new bugs and areas for improvement. This can be done by combining automated tests such as continuous integration and delivery with exploratory and ad hoc tests. 

Improve communication between testers and developers 

Good and frequent communication between testers and developers can help both teams find areas for improvement. Have both teams work together to create testing plans, agreeing on what features or issues should be prioritized and which can be saved for later.  

Collect customer feedback 

Customer experience and satisfaction should be your top priority. After all, customer retention is more valuable than customer acquisition. This means that by ensuring the happiness of your customers, you will also be ensuring that they stick around. You can accomplish this by regularly collecting customer feedback through app store ratings, or by analyzing click and gesture data to detect an increase in rage clicks. 

At Beta Breakers Quality Assurance Labs, our team of QA testers can continuously test your app to help you and your developers achieve continuous quality improvements. To learn more about our QA testing services, contact us today. 

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