How to Discover Product Updates That Your Customers Want and Need

No product, no matter how good it is, comes out perfect. It will need improvements due to software changes, technological advancements, customer preferences, and more. Prioritizing which product updates you’ll do first will depend on what your customers want and need. But how do you figure that out in the first place?

Here are a few ways of doing so:How to Discover Product Updates That Your Customers Want and Need

Check for rage clicks

Have you ever gotten so frustrated that you repeatedly click a button over and over and over again? This is what’s known as a rage click. They can be detected by usability tests and can be a major red flag that something in your software is broken. Keeping an eye on rage clicks will help you determine what issues need to be solved to improve user experience.

Gather reviews and customer feedback

Online reviews and customer feedback should always be taken with a grain of salt. After all, most people go to the internet to complain, so naturally, reviews will be skewed towards the negative. However, if there is a feature that customers frequently comment on, then take note of it.

Keep an eye on your competitors

You should never completely copy your competitors. After all, what works for them may not work for you. Yet there may be some key features they offer that you should be offering too. You don’t want your customers abandoning you for your competition, so keep an eye out on what they’re doing and see if it should be applied to your product as well.

Learn more about your customers

Focusing on the people who use your product, rather than the product itself, can help you stay ahead. Think about their day-to-day lives and business interactions. What features would be the most helpful? Which ones are the least helpful? Understanding your customers will help you develop product updates that are both useful and surprising.

Stay current on OS updates

When Apple or Android add a new feature to their operating systems, many customers are eager to try it out. Making sure that your product takes advantage of these updates is key to keeping your customers happy. For example, when Apple introduced AR to their operating system, many companies began to incorporate it into their mobile apps. You can do the same thing with future updates.

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