Lab Hardware Update: New Mobile Devices

Hardware Update: Apple iPhone New Mobile Devices

Apple iPhone

We’ve recently added a couple of new devices to our hardware labs; nothing particularly fancy but very useful:

An iPhone XS Max running iOS 12

The iPhone XS Max is a great candidate for starting mobile app visual quality testing. Its large 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display with vibrant colors offers excellent screen quality. This allows our testers to precisely observe how design elements and graphical details appear on a high-resolution display.

iOS 12—which the phone is running—is comparatively stable and seamless. It has several great features, including Screen Time, which keeps track of how often you use your phone, and smarter, more manageable notifications. We should test these because they alter the way users interact with its apps daily.

Beyond the display, the iPhone XS Max packs a powerful A12 Bionic chip. This processor is known for its speed and ability to handle demanding tasks, such as augmented reality (AR) applications. This makes the iPhone XS Max a valuable tool for testing mobile app performance under heavy workloads.

The camera on this iPhone is also top-notch, with a dual-camera system that’s perfect for testing apps that use photos and videos.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10”) tablet running Android 9.0

Next, we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. This is a 10-inch tablet that runs on Android 9.0 (Pie). The large screen is perfect for testing apps that need more space, like educational tools, productivity apps, and anything with a lot of media content.

Android 9.0 brings a lot of improvements, like better battery life, a more user-friendly interface, and stronger security. 

The Galaxy Tab A isn’t the most powerful tablet out there, but that’s actually a good thing. It’s a solid mid-range device, which means we can implement thorough testing in it. This is super important because not everyone has the latest and greatest tech, and we want to ensure that our testing will explore unidentified flaws within it.

Adding the iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Tab A to our lab is a big win for us. They let us test a wide range of apps and make sure they work well in different situations. From high-performance apps to everyday ones, we can cover it all.

This is our current hardware addition at the moment

These hardware devices round out our inventory of current-generation Apple phones while also giving us another popular Android tablet running the current version of the operating system. Both devices give us additional QA testing options for their respective platforms.

Let us know if there are any mobile that you are especially interested in having available for testing, or contact us if you would like any additional information regarding our QA labs and capabilities.

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