Mac OS 10.14 “Mojave” Gets Official Release

Macbook UserThe new Mac OS 10.14 update is upon us, after being released last week on September 24th. Our office is gearing up and making sure that our systems are ready to test with the new hardware, but what are some of the big changes that come with this update?


Apple is going to be bringing some of the more essential apps from iOS over to Mac OS, making it more consistent when you switch from your mobile device to your desktop device. Currently, Mac OS is only getting a few popular apps such as the News and Voice Memo apps from iOS, but more are planned for the next year.

Dark Mode

Mojave also adds a system wide “Dark” mode, which can color your desktop windows a dark grey. This feature will extend to all first party software and its adoption is being encouraged for all 3rd party software developers as well.

Gallery View

There has been a new gallery view added to the Finder. This view lets you quickly browse through files, and with a detailed metadata pane visible, it makes it easy to find the information for your files at a glance. You can also quickly edit files directly in this view, so that you potentially don’t even need to leave the finder to update the files you are looking for.

These are just a few of the features that have been added in the new update. Are you excited for the new MacOS Mojave?

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