Making Beta Breakers’ Labs VR Ready

As we add hardware to our QA labsBeta Breakers’ Labs VR, we don’t just focus on consumer-level desktops and mobile devices, but often branch out into related peripherals.

While in the past this has included things like printers, scanners, game controllers, and even development game consoles (an entirely different topic in and of itself), we’ve recently found ourselves adding other supports.

First off, it’s 2017, and technology changes once more.

The hardware landscape was undergoing a significant shift. Traditional mainstays like desktops and mobile devices were still crucial, but the industry was buzzing with the potential of new categories. Our QA lab needed to adapt to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the quality of user experiences. This meant incorporating a new wave of technologies into our testing arsenal.

One particularly exciting area was virtual reality. VR headsets were poised for a major consumer push, promising immersive experiences unlike anything before. Smart home devices, like connected thermostats and voice assistants, were also experiencing a surge in popularity, demanding robust testing for seamless integration into the modern household. 

We have recently added support for virtual reality testing. This initial investment allows us to begin building expertise in VR testing. 

As demands for VR testing grow, encompassing both hardware compatibility and functional software testing, we’ll strategically add additional VR-capable systems and headsets to our lab. Virtual reality seems poised for significant industry growth, and we’re committed to being fully prepared to support VR development at every stage.

Most recently, we have been adding support for virtual reality testing. (VR)

Right now our efforts are modest, and include several suitable systems and the necessary video cards, as well as both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. As demands for VR testing grow (both for hardware compatibility and functional software testing), we’ll add additional VR-capable systems and headsets.

Virtual Reality seems like it is going to be a very interesting area of industry growth, and we’ll be ready to support VR development to the fullest.

Written by Beta Breakers

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