New Config Board

We’re building a new config board for our QA labs.

Config boards are systems that are intended to be used mainly in compatibility testing efforts, with robust power supplies and lots of room to accommodate a range of different-sized components, such as high-end video cards.  We use these systems mainly for testing compatibility with different components, and for “min spec” (minimum requirements) testing, since they are both easily-configurable and provide a static CPU/motherboard baseline which allows performance data for individual components to be more clearly and accurately compared.  Exciting stuff, we know! New Config Board

Our new board will be based on a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor with 16GB physical RAM (although this will be adjustable by project requirements) and a 600-watt PSU.

Originally we were planning to build with AMD hardware, but market trends (as well as a generally more stable build experience) have kept pushing us toward Intel –  We still have a range of discrete AMD systems available for testing in our labs; they’re just not tailor-made for intensive hardware swapping like the config board.

We’re always adding new systems and hardware components to our QA labs. Check back periodically and see what new goodies we have available for testing!

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