New Mobile Devices

We’ve recently added a handful of devices to our hardware labs; nothing particularly surprising, but still worth mentioning:New Mobile Devices

  • An iPhone 11 running iOS 13 (this is the base iPhone 11 model)
  • An iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13 (this is the extra-large Pro model)
  • A Samsung Galaxy S9 phone running Android 9.0 (this just rounds out our Samsung inventory a bit, since we’ve had a 9+ for a while).
  • A Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 9 (this is the base phone model)

These devices provide us with a solid base of current-generation Apple phones. Additionally, they allow us to keep up with some of the more popular (and requested) Android devices. No new tablets this time around, but they are on the list.

Let us know if there are any specific mobile devices that you are especially interested in having available for compatibility testing, or contact us if you would like any additional information regarding our QA labs and capabilities. We may not always take requests, but we are definitely interested in input on your quality assurance hardware needs!

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