No More Sweet Android Names

Android LollipopAfter 9 versions of Android OSs named after sweet foods and candy (Kit Kat, Lollipop, etc.) Google is now naming the releases simply by version number, starting with the release of Android 10. Google has their reasons for doing so, and while it will certainly make our lives easier by not having to remember the OS names (we always used the underlying version numbers for clarity, anyway) it marks the end of an era for Android. We should all go and have a slice of pie, just to remember.

This shift to more different Android names aims for a more simplified and easier approach. Despite its more simplistic order, given that the following versions will be named through numbers, users will easily identify which Android version they have on their phone. But that takes time for users to adapt since there will be changes that we still have to wait for.

Google has always been strategic with its naming, and that is obvious in past Android versions. Past versions are named after candies and sweets. This is the way users know the smartphones they’re using back then. But this will be entirely different in the future. As Google is leaning towards a more different approach in how they are strategizing their names, this will also be a new learning curve for its users.

Our future testing will be different, as it will be adapting to new guidelines. This all depends on the technology that comes with future Android versions. Google will sooner or later release newer updates and technologies that disrupt how we conduct our testing. Rest assured that the hardware and updates regarding Android names will be shared here.

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