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Google Touts Promising Improvements to Android Security

Android Security

With more than two billion devices running countless different versions of Android, Google’s open source mobile operating system has been no stranger to troubling security issues in the past. Version fragmentation has made it hard for Google’s engineers to deploy patches in a timely fashion, and even stock third-party software can leave some devices vulnerable… Read more »

No More Sweet Android Names

After 9 versions of Android OSs named after sweet foods and candy (Kit Kat, Lollipop, etc.) Google is now naming the releases simply by version number, starting with the release of Android 10. Google has their reasons for doing so, and while it will certainly make our lives easier by not having to remember the… Read more »

Progressive Web Apps Improve Mobile Browser Functionality

Browser-based web applications have become increasingly popular in the age of responsive web design, but they still lack some of the functionality and polish associated with native apps for Android and iOS. Web apps tend to be relatively light on features, and they often feel like stripped-down versions of native apps that have been modified… Read more »