What is Software Quality Management?

Software Quality Management (SQM) is the management aspects of developing quality software. SQM starts with an idea for a product and then continues on through the design, testing, and launch phases.

Generally speaking, SQM can be broken down into three phases: Quality planning, assurance and control. Here we discuss the ins and outs of all three phases:What is Software Quality Management?

Quality Planning

Before software development begins, quality planning must take place. During quality planning, testers create goals and objectives for your software, as well as a strategic plan that will help you to successfully meet those objectives. Quality planning is considered the most important aspect of SQM, as it develops a strong blueprint for the rest of the process to follow.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance phase of SQM involves the actual building of the software program. With good SQM in place, product performance will be checked along the way to ensure that all standards are being followed. Testers will audit and collect data throughout the entire process.

Quality Control

Quality control is the step of SQM where testing finally comes into play. It is when testers discover bugs, evaluate functionality, and more. Depending on the results, you may need to go back to development to iron out kinks and make some small final adjustments. Having a software quality management plan in place can guarantee that you’re following all industry standards and that your end-user will receive a well-developed, high quality product.

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