The Importance of Doing a Payment Gateway Test

Over the years, more and more of our shopping is done online, and this trend has only been accelerated by recent events concerning the coronavirus. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that online shopping on your website is easy, seamless, and secure. This can be accomplished through payment gateway testing.

What is a payment gateway test?The Importance of Doing a Payment Gateway Test

On every site there is a payment gateway system that approves and safeguards payments made on that site. This can include credit card or debit card payments, bank transfers, cash cards, reward points, and other forms of payment that customers can use. A payment gateway system is basically the middleman between a customer’s bank account and the merchant. A payment gateway test, then, ensures that the payment gateway system is secure, bug-free, and running smoothly. There are four types of domains that a payment gateway test includes:

Functional testing

This tests the base functionality of the payment gateway system, ensuring that it can be used as intended by customers.

Integration testing

This checks the integration of your credit card service with your payment gateway system.

Performance testing

Performance testing checks to see how your system performs when dealing with the highest possible number of customers, and then ensures that your system can deal with the load.

Security testing

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is security testing. This will test to see how secure your system is, and if it can properly protect your customers’ data.

Why is it important to do payment gateway testing?

There are two main reasons why you should do a payment gateway test for your site. The first is to make sure that your customers can actually pay for the items they wish to buy; the second is to ensure that their data is never stolen or accessed by unwanted third parties. This second reason is the most important, as stolen credit card data can do a lot of harm to your customers as well as your business’ integrity.

To learn more about payment gateway testing and why it’s important for your business, contact Beta Breakers today either online or by phone at 415-878-2990.

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