The Importance of Having Your Software Function in Multiple Languages

multi-lingual softwareThink of how frustrating it is when you order something online, only to receive it in the mail and find out that you can’t read the instructions needed put the project together. Being unable to use an app, website or computer program because of a language barrier is just as frustrating. Depending on the nature of your business, having software that functions in multiple languages is a key component to your success. Whether you are interested in reaching an international audience or would just like to ensure that all potential users can read your software, multi-lingual options are a necessity.  When creating software that functions in multiple languages, there are a few important things to consider, including the thoughts outlined below.

Clear Options

When designing a website or app with multiple languages, be sure to make this feature known. This way, potential users need not search aimlessly through settings categories, hoping to stumble upon a way to make your tool readable. Instead, include clear language options on the home page of your site to ensure that everyone who opens your webpage or app will be able to navigate it successfully.


Another important thing to consider when designing your software is text spacing. When words are changed from one language to another they will be different lengths, something that could make design changes necessary with each language change. While this will take some extra time to do, it will be well worth it when customer satisfaction comes into play.

Once your multi-lingual software is created, it is time to start your quality assurance testing with Beta Breakers. From functionality testing to accessibility testing, there are a wide variety of standards that will ensure your project is ready to launch. To learn more about our services and start your software quality assurance testing, contact us at 415-878-2990.

Written by Beta Breakers

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